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Chai gets results!

What a difference a week can make. I read the first part of Bob Harper’s ‘The Skinny Rules‘ book. I’m taking parts of the book to heart because I can’t give up carbs after lunch, but I’ll try. But I am … Continue reading

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Chai & The Skinny Rules

So last night I started reading Bob Harper’s book – The Skinny Rules. I’ve only read about 50 pages of the book so far and I’m loving some of the rules he is putting forward. This morning I adopted the … Continue reading

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This isn’t cinnamon coated : My Stats

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Ms Chai Latte and I’m new to The Shrinking Violets. While I’m certainly shrinking, until recently, I was shy about it. And then when I realised how much I had already accomplished, … Continue reading

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Strawberry Fields: Uni Holidays

This week was bound to be a struggle. I’m currently on uni holidays which means being at home all day catching up on work. The hard thing about being at home all day is the temptation that follows. When I’m … Continue reading

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(Coffee) Bean Keeping On: Weekly weigh in 18.8.11

Not much to update this week, scales still going down despite the usual weekend antics of drinking a fair bit more than I should. I have been trying to stick to the motto “Train hard, eat clean” (And in time … Continue reading

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Strawberry Fields: Friday Again?

Wow, Friday already huh ? It’s actually scary how fast the weeks seem to go by. Not only that, but how every single day in the week contributes to your final weekly weigh in. One off day can mess you … Continue reading

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Bridal Babe: Weigh In 8.8.11

Plateau! Well, not quite… I can definitely feel my weight loss slowing down now that I’m under 100 kilograms. I’m still moving downwards but it feels like it is incrementally so. I have to admit that since I have broken … Continue reading

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