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The Chai Update Special

It is already turning into a long winter – and I’m finding myself sick, stressed out and time poor. I managed to get myself down to 82kg just before Queens Birthday weekend. Then the weekend happened, a few drinks, and … Continue reading

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Chai levels up with Fitocracy and survives Easter

A fortnight ago, I joined a local gym. Like most things when I exercise, I need them to appeal to my inner geek so they hold my interest. I had a variety of options available to me to log my workouts … Continue reading

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This isn’t cinnamon coated : My Stats

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Ms Chai Latte and I’m new to The Shrinking Violets. While I’m certainly shrinking, until recently, I was shy about it. And then when I realised how much I had already accomplished, … Continue reading

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Strawberry Fields: Uni Holidays

This week was bound to be a struggle. I’m currently on uni holidays which means being at home all day catching up on work. The hard thing about being at home all day is the temptation that follows. When I’m … Continue reading

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Harsh reality

One of my main motivations behind my weight loss is a good friend of mine who lost a fair bit of weight two years ago. When she first started losing weight, she wasn’t particularly open about it, which made it … Continue reading

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I’m engaged! Mr C-B took me to one of our favourite spots and then he put a ring on it! In around a year’s time, I will be Mrs C-B! Of course, this is added motivation for losing weight – … Continue reading

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There’s nothing like bouncing stars to perk you up

Morning all, What a way to start the day! Weigh-in today, and I was 82.6kg!  Not only is that 1.3kg less than last week – reason to celebrate in itself – but it brought me to below my initial goal … Continue reading

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