About us

At the start of 2011, a group of twitter friends decided to take their “weighty” discussion off Twitter and started a closed Facebook group. The information, companionship and accountability within this group was overwhelming yet inspiring and the decision was made by Ms. Chicken-Bacon to take our weight-loss journeys (albeit anonymously) to the web.

We come from all parts of Australasia and are united by our desire for trim but healthy bodies – well, that and a love of the TV show “The Biggest Loser”. Follow us as we become the selves we’ve always wanted to be!

The First Generation of Shrinking Violets

Ms. Blueberry: New Zealand (maintenance blogger)
Ms. Broccoli: Wellington, New Zealand (on hiatus until June – moving to Vancouver!)
Ms. Chicken-Bacon: Auckland, New Zealand
Ms. Lean Beef: Auckland, New Zealand
Ms. Plum: Wellington, New Zealand
Ms Poached-Egg: Wellington, New Zealand
Ms. Pretzel: Wellington, New Zealand (on hiatus while travelling the world!)
Ms. Rice Cracker: New Zealand 
Ms. Salmon-Sushi: New Zealand (on hiatus)
Ms. Trim Mocha: Wellington, New Zealand
Ms. Watermelon: Auckland, New Zealand
Miss Fresh Pineapple: Wanganui, New Zealand




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