Water for Weightloss

One of the Shrinking Tweepettes lamented last week that she was doing everything the same, but she’d hit the plateau and nothing was budging. The question was raised about water consumption and this is where today’s inspiration has come from for this blog post because I want to share my experiences and what I’ve learned about water, with you.

A few weeks back, I read The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper. The first chapter was about water consumption. It is fair to say that this first chapter blew my mind. We all know that drinking lots of water helps keep us hydrated, keeps the organs healthy while working out, replaces lost sweat and can make you feel full.

The Mayo Clinic recommends that women need to drink about 2.2 litres of water per day. I’m currently drinking 2 litres, and drinking 3 litres on the days I do exercise. Bob Harper recommends that you have a glass within 15 mintues of waking up AND a large glass before every meal.

Why does he recommend this? Because drinking water increases your Resting Energy Expenditure. A glass within 15 minutes of waking up means that you’re burning calories right out of the gate. A glass before each meal will not only make you feel full, and cause you to eat less, but it is another calorie burning kickstart.

What is Resting Energy Expenditure (REE)? It is the rate you’re burning calories when you are sleeping, or doing nothing at all.  A study of obese children in Israel found that those who just increased their water consumption lost 3 pounds per year without changing anything else.

After sharing excerpts from this chapter with the Shrinking Tweepettes, it was like a revelation for some of us. We all knew that water consumption is critical for weightloss, but we didn’t know the science behind it.

Personally, I now drink a cup of water when I wake up, a cup of water before breakfast. I drink another two cups before I get to lunch. After lunch, I drink another 4 cups before heading home in the evening. At dinner time, I’ve replaced diet cola with sparkling water. I rarely drink cola drinks now. Finding out the science behind water consumption and giving it some ‘rules’ for me to follow has been revolutionary for me.

So the next time you’re thinking that you’re thirsty – reach for a bottle of plain old water. It  is the best thing you can put into your body (in my opinion).

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