Chai gets results!

What a difference a week can make. I read the first part of Bob Harper’s ‘The Skinny Rules‘ book. I’m taking parts of the book to heart because I can’t give up carbs after lunch, but I’ll try. But I am doing some of the things recommended:

  • Drinking 1 cup of water within 15 minutes of waking up
  • Drinking 1 cup of water before every meal & snack
  • If something has sugar or sweetener listed in the first five ingredients, it goes back on the shelf.
  • Afternoon tea of an artificially sweetened yoghurt replaced with 25gms of hard cheese and an apple for a power snack.
  • Eating apples (see point above) and berries every day (see point below)
  • Getting rid of fast & fried foods (Hello more money in my wallet!)
  • Eating a real breakfast (Hello smoothie! – I’m also going to try some oats too)
  • Going to bed hungry
  • Splurge meal one night per week – plan for the bad night and be more in control

As an habitual person, I make sure I take a water bottle upstairs with me each night. Going to bed hungry isn’t hard so long as I have dinner before 7pm. But I struggle to get to sleep when hungry, I’ve started taking herbal sleep aids to help get me to the land of nod and I’m drinking so much more water now days.

I’ve had a few slip ups – like Friday night ice cream and biscuits, but I’m able to admit that I’ve slipped up, because the only person I am cheating, is me. I listened to Jillian Michaels’ podcast about how to stop the nibbles and she admits that she has failed herself so I don’t feel all that bad because it happens to the professionals too.

Exercise has been going great. I’ve been back to boxing and I’ve booked in for as many sessions as possible between now and when the next semester starts, when I’ll have to cut back. On non-boxing days I’m doing the 30DS. I purchased some 1kg weights on TradeMe this week, and I was hoping they’d be more of a challenge than the 450 gram ones I had used, but they weren’t as much of a challenge as I expected, so I might step up to 2kg weights sooner than I thought!

SW : 100kg
Last WI : 83.2kg
CW : 82.2kg
Change : -1kg

Come on 80kg. I’m so close that I can taste the success!

What is one of your weight loss rituals? Or is there a ritual you’d love to have?

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