Chai weighs in & eats to succeed

Today I’m starting study leave, so it is all about brain food and being ready. I’m a nibbler when it comes to eating during studying and before I know it, BAM! A whole packet of lollies into my gob. So this morning I’m doing all I can to get ready. The snack foods are out of the house. There are no lollies, biscuits, chips etc. I have mandarins and bananas. I have pre-peeled my mandarins and put them on a plate – to snack on! Also on my plate of nibbles is one serving of assorted nuts, dried blueberries and dried kiwifruit. Another great brain food. I have bottled water ready to go in the fridge a well to keep my fluid intake up.

I kicked off my morning today with my blueberry and almond smoothie, with a banana in it of course. And I stepped up to a half cup serving of YCW Kefir this morning. Tonight’s dinner will somehow involve broccoli and tomatoes. Lunch is vegetable soup and toast.

Now that lectures are over and I LOVE boxing, I’ve booked myself into a few more classes at BoxSlim in Pukekohe. And paid for them. That is some motivation right there! I’m looking forward to the sweat and the pain. So come Wednesday night, after my exam for one paper and a presentation for another, I’m going to go and take all the stress out on some focus pads!

SW : 100kg
Last WI : 85kg
CW : 83.4
Change : -1.6kg

I’m putting this huge loss last week down to changing my scales. But it’s a loss, and I’ll take it!

Do you think fitness is a great reward for finishing something mentally stressful? Do you pick your foods around your activities?

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