The Chai Update Special

It is already turning into a long winter – and I’m finding myself sick, stressed out and time poor.

I managed to get myself down to 82kg just before Queens Birthday weekend. Then the weekend happened, a few drinks, and the big push for end of semester also began. And then I got sick. Not the flu, not a head cold… but a sinus infection which has knocked the wind out of my sails. I’ve languished on the couch for the last 6 days and today is my first full day back at work in a week.

So in that time, I’ve gained. Oh I’ve gained. I’m back to 85kg. And I’m not too worried. I’d rather do the slow weight loss and I’m taking the good with the bad. That means my goal of being 80kg by the end of semester (two weeks away) is now a bit stupid and impossible.

Here is how I’m going to turn this around

Once back to health, I’m aiming for Saturday, I’m going to get back to the gym. I only have two weeks left in my membership. May as well use the two weeks. I also reached the decision today that I’m not going to continue with the gym membership. I’m trying to save for not one, but two holidays. One in Sydney and the other in Los Angeles/San Diego/Las Vegas and Vancouver. Epic savings required.

But also because I’m finding myself being time poor. I looked at how long it takes me to get in the car, get down to the gym, find a car park, get the treadmill set up etc, and thats 15 minutes gone. Boom. That is 15 minutes I could be using to pack the dishwasher, hang out laundry etc – 15 minutes earlier to bed. In two minutes, I can change into gym clothes and turn on 30DS.

Part of being sick has been because I’m tired and stressed. I need to acknowledge this is a fact of my life and I need to learn to take time mentally as well. I’m working on the meditation thing. Maybe my 15 minutes recovered could be my mental workout?

So, bye-bye gym. Hello to working out at home again. I’ve got my 30 Day Shred and Yoga Meltdown DVDs loaded and my yoga matt is still under the rug in the family room ready for action – where it’s been since I got my 30DS DVD.

I also find that as exams get closer, I exercise more to beat the stress. Exams are happening NEXT WEEK!

And now for the food part…

I’m still logging using MyFitnessPal. I’ve increased my calories to 1400 a day. This is allowing me to have a few healthy snacks at the office. I’m constantly tinkering with my breakfast smoothie recipe. Right now, I’m making smoothies that are 150gm of Almond Milk, 150gm of low-fat yoghurt, 1x banana and 100gm of frozen berries. I usually follow this with an espresso shot. And now I’ve added in Kefir Coconut water to the breakfast routine. It is a completely liquid breakfast. With all of this, I can keep breakfast down to below 300 calories per day.

Lunches have been vegetable soups and toast. Watties Soup for One has been really fantastic and filling. For toast, I’ve had the Vogels with Chia seeds. And then I usually have some mandarins (about 4 a day!) for morning and afternoon tea. So lunch and snacks come to another 450 calories.

That leaves me 450-650 calories for dinner. That could be anything! Tonight, it will be burgers, with half the bun, some salad and pineapple.

In writing about this, I’ve just realised how much my diet has changed. Once upon a time, I was a bowl of cereal with sugar, milk for breakfast. Down to the café for a toasted Panini for lunch and dinner was usually somewhere under the cheese. Vegetables? Fruit? No! Now I’m having two servings of fruit with breakfast, two servings of fruit as snacks, two servings of vegetables in lunch & dinner.

The Numbers

SW : 100kg
Last WI : 85kg
CW : 85kg
Change : Nil

I am, honestly, happy with that. I have maintained my weight – sure I had a loss down to 82kg, and then gained with being sick, but I proved to myself that I can maintain my weight as well. Given that my last weigh in on this blog was a wee while ago!

My mini-goal is 80kg by the start of next semester. I revised this from my original goal of being 80kg by the end of the semester, because it is end of semester, and I didn’t make it. But I’m okay with that too. I’ve got five weeks, five kg.

What is your go-to exercise when low on time? How has your diet changed in the last 12 months and has it been for better or for worse?

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