Chai gets swept up in life

Ever have one of those weeks where you think – I need to come up for air? Or, I need to put my focus into one thing and gain control of my sanity? This isn’t a diet or fitness post. To be honest, this blog is all about personal accountability, I haven’t been to the gym for a fortnight. I haven’t been to a boxing class. I haven’t been counting calories.

And I feel like a failure, so I continue. I need to break this funk. Life has been dragging me down.

I’ve certainly had some successes in the past fortnight. I played an integral part in running a large sporting event. I passed the hideous exam which I was certain I failed. I attended a series of workshops on leadership, public speaking and dealing with difficult people. Great.

But I haven’t lost weight.

But I haven’t gained weight.

So here is what I am going to do. Tomorrow is a new day.


Tomorrow I will go to the gym
Tomorrow I will count my calories
Tomorrow I will make smarter, healthier choices
Tomorrow I will meditate
Tomorrow I will take back control of my life
Tomorrow I will celebrate my successes and not beat myself down for my failures

And with good reason. As I start coming to the conclusion of my first semester of my degree, I’m going to get busy with academia. Also, it is our busy season at work. If I can just seize control and reach my mini-goal of 77.5kg by the 1st August, then I will be a better, stronger, happier person for putting that focus back in my life.

I would like to celebrate the NSV’s I’ve had in that fortnight. The comments from unexpected people made me grin on the inside. I’m wearing size 16 pants at work. Size 16. Oh. My. I haven’t worn that size since, 2007? In September, when I started this journey, last year, that was size 20.

I haven’t lost weight, but I’ve gained confidence and tomorrow, I want to wake up and feel unstoppable.

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2 Responses to Chai gets swept up in life

  1. I totally need to get out of the funk I am in at the moment, with it getting dark so early combined with study and work deadlines the past couple of weeks have been a bit of a write-off for me as well. Our deadlines are over after the 13th May and I can regain some normalcy. Hear’s to making ourself accountable!

  2. Ms Chai-Latte says:

    Today I’m going to carry through with my promises to myself – starting with writing a list of all my deadlines and commitments right up until the end of June (when exams finish for the semester).

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