Chai takes up boxing

This is a mini-post as I’m “offline” for the next few days – next weigh in will be 30th April as I won’t be home or near a laptop or scales to really do one proper one.

I cannot remember the last time I finished a workout and felt so relived that (a) it was over and (b) that I was still alive – until Monday night.

Boxslim was originally a West Auckland thing and I had been itching to give it a go. As they expanded, I hoped it would finally reach South Auckland and somewhere easy for me to drive to and on Monday night, they opened up about 20 minutes drive from home. I couldn’t resist. I love a challenge, so I booked myself in for three Monday evening classes.

If you want to get fit, burn calories – this is for you. It is tough. Tougher than 30 Day Shred tough. Even though I was pretty sure I was going to die and leave a sweaty corpse, an hour after finishing, I wanted to go back for more. Just as well I’ve got that 2nd & 3rd class booked! As I write this post on Wednesday, I’m struggling to walk as the delayed muscle pain is biting back and that is a good sign!

My only regret is that I didn’t wear my HRM as I did the class. I had the chest strap on, but the watch felt a little odd under the gloves. I’ll give it another go next week as I’m keen to look at my stats of average heart rate and calories burnt.

And if you’re not in Auckland – never fear – Hamilton and Wellington are opening up soon!

As for diet – it has been on track all week so far. I am keeping up with my Couch to 5k programme. I pulled this chart from Fitocracy and I love charts and seeing my progress! YAY! I had intended to do a 30DS workout this morning, but I woke up and couldn’t move so making it a ‘rest day’ from exercise today and tomorrow I’ll hit the gym for another run before I go for a 4km walk in the afternoon and then that is it for the week until I go back to Boxslim next Monday night.

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