Chai kicks her challeges up a notch

Last week, I brought you a brief review of social networking fitness site, Fitocracy. Just before that was published, another site, Slim Kicker came to my attention. This site looked promising at first glance – a cross between the levelling up like Fitocracy and food/nutrition tracking of MyFitnessPal. The Slim Kicker website says that its goal is to sustain motivation.

 “You start by tracking your diet, where whole foods are worth more points than processed foods. It’s similar to Weight Watchers, but in reverse”.

On the subject of foods, I tried for one day to log what I ate into Slim Kicker like I would with the very well established MyFitnessPal and found the database lacking. However I’m confident that will change in the future – I’m one of the first 1000 members to sign up. Early adopter! That’s me!

Slim Kicker promotes itself as diet neutral – able to work with Weight Watchers or whatever else you could be using. What does look promising is the recipe section, sorted by diet type – Dukan, Medifast etc. It is just a tad empty at the moment.

Their website says that most people don’t learn the habits to maintain their weight loss, so it sets challenges & goals with a view to forming good habits. Samples of these challenges are:

The exercise section seems fairly well padded however – includes most stuff you’d find in a gym workout, running etc and some you wouldn’t – like martial arts. One thing I don’t like is that I can’t edit the calories I’ve burnt, say, from my Heart Rate Monitor.

For the tech enabled among us – there is an iPhone app as well, so you can track while on the go as well! And I’ve also included some website screen shots down the bottom of this post as well!

So, where do I see Slim Kicker fitting in to helping me reach my goals? Until the food database has grown and you can edit your calories for exercise, I’ll be using Slim Kicker to challenge myself. I’ve signed up for the In Silence Challenge for a healthy mind to go with the healthy body and challenged myself to put my sneakers on for 10 minutes a day, every day. Both challenges run for 7 days. Keen to see how that goes!

If I could pick bits from Fitocracy, MyFitnessPal and Slim Kicker – I’d be on to a winner. At the moment, I’m using all three – tracking what I eat, what I burn and challenging myself to a better way of living.

 The week that was plus the weigh in

Monday started off with an impromptu house-warming with bubbly, cheese, crackers. All the bad stuff you shouldn’t really have in those quantities. I didn’t make it to the gym on Monday, or Tuesday as I had a full diary with appointments and then out late at a meeting. I managed to get myself to the gym on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Four times in a week!

My food choices for the week can best be described in one word: average. Dinners were varied and interesting, but I seem to be living on Rice and Chicken from the sushi bar right now. While its low-cal, it isn’t cheap or interesting. Once I’ve got this weekend’s job out-of-the-way, it’s back on track for me. Salads and wraps made fresh at work!

This week been however, I set myself a couple of new health & fitness goals. The first being to complete the Couch to 5km challenge in 8 weeks and do it with a view to running a half or quarter marathon in 12 months’ time. I have completed week 1 already, so I have 7 weeks to go. I am in no way a natural runner, but that can change. I’m feeling enthusiastic about this.

SW : 100kg
Last WI : 86kg
CW : 85kg
Change : 1kg (still haven’t got new scales, so stuck at 0.5kg increments for now)

This coming week I plan to hit a boxing lesson and I know I will well and truly fall off the diet and exercise wagon as I relocate cities for a week to work in an incredibly stressful role for a major event! So the focus this week is to stay on the wagon and exercise as much as possible to counter all the bad that is coming this weekend. I’ll also keep up with my Slim Kicker challenges as well.

 What challenges have you set for yourself?
Do you find having a challenge or mini-goal helpful in your overall weight loss attack?

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