Pineapple is trying new routines

I found that exercise and healthy eating got thrown in the too hard pile over the weekend, and to be honest the couple of weeks leading up to easter as well.

These stages come and go for me, all of a sudden it will all get too much and I let the exercise and healthy eating take a back seat and just go with the flow for a week or two. While I don’t necessarily think this is bad I do want to make this a lifestyle change and not something that I do just to drop a few kg.

Another struggle I’ve come across this year is the fact that I don’t have a lot left to lose – between 4-6kg depending on where my weight is fluctuating on any given day. It is easy to be ok with your body and decide that a caramello egg is a good idea even when you didn’t particularly enjoy it all that much. Whilst I am definitely not jumping into a bikini any day soon I don’t cringe every time I look in the mirror.

I trialled exercising early in the morning and getting up earlier each day last week (I do not do mornings) and it didn’t work that well by Wednesday I was shattered! This week I am trying getting up early in the morning (Only 7am but given I usually roll out of bed around 8.15am this is early for me), getting ready and heading to work to do some overtime (Earning me a tropical holiday that I really want to lose the bulk of this weight for), and then straight after work doing the exercise (30 Day Shred, Netball, Run or Bike). And then cooking a nice healthy dinner – This is the hard part!

I was a naughty pineapple and completely forgot to weigh on Friday as we were travelling, so let’s see what this week brings.

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