Bridal Babe: Weigh In 11.7.11

How much do you think a chest full of phlegm weighs? Enough for another hundred or so grams? I kid, I kid. The cold that has been haunting me for the past month or so finally decided to launch a full offensive. I stand by the fact that it would have happened the first day of the holidays if I had not had such a lovely relaxing Saturday – it was like my body said “Yus, she’s relaxing, adrenaline is going down… ATTACK!”. Part of me is happy that it has finally happened and that I’m not going to miss out on a lot of my holidays because of a stinky stupid cold. The not so cool thing is that I sound like a pug inside! I’m trying to be productive though and work on the task list I had already started for the holidays.

No proper exercise for me since Friday – Saturday was full on with housework (also exercise), registry making (walking round and round Briscoes, fun) and entertaining; Sunday saw me with the cold already in my chest and my lungs are not that strong. I had been tracking my eating most days but I still know that my report would read “not working to her full potential”. I still managed to lose a little and I will take that! Especially seeing as it is the amount I need to lose each week to meet my dress goal!

My Statistics
Last week’s weigh in: 99.5 kg
This week’s weigh in: 99.0 kg
Weigh Change: -500 g
Total weight loss to date: 16.3 kg
Dress Goal: 115 days to lose 8.0 kg (that’s around 500 grams a week)
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1 Response to Bridal Babe: Weigh In 11.7.11

  1. Kez says:

    I hope you feel better soon! It’s so great that you’re on track to meet your target 🙂

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