Trimming the fat: Weigh In 25.4.11

Housekeeping: You may notice that it’s been a little bit quiet around here. With two of our bloggers (Broccoli & Rice Cracker) in the midst of moving internationally and another blogger (Pretzel) gallivanting around the world, data connections and time play a huge role in being able to post. These girls should be back online and sharing their love with with you when they are reconnected; see our About Us page for further info.

Easter… as a Christian, I definitely have a reason for the season. This particular holiday, however, is an absolute shocker for the waistline! Christmas (for me) has always been about the protein – bacon sandwiches, salmon croissants, roast ham – which with minor tweaks work in well with a WW ProPoints plan. Easter? All about chocolate. Carbs and fat, wrapped up in sparkly tinfoil. What is a girl to do?

This girl? I took a break. Official weigh-in meeting was cancelled this week so I didn’t have the same stress to “beat” the scales that I usually do on a Monday night. Aunt Flo was due this weekend. We were going on an overnight holiday to Tauranga. Good food and chocolate would be everywhere and so I told myself “If you really want it (whatever it is), go ahead”. Dangerous? Maybe, but I thought it would be an interesting experiment.

So what did I do this weekend? Mr. Chicken-Bacon and I walked between 3-5 kms each day on holiday, despite the cruddy weather. I ate some amazing food – the best banana and bacon pancakes (Carve it Up, Bayfair Tauranga), Braised Beef Shepherd’s Pie (Astrolabe, Mt Maunganui) and the best Italian ever (Volare, Tauranga waterfront). I even had a Hershey’s Chocolate Pie from Burger King – for someone who usually craves savoury food, I was totally determined to get my chocolate fix! I made sure that I payed careful attention to my body’s cues – eating what I had the urge to eat, when I had the urge to eat and making sure to stop eating when I was full.

I was sure that doing this, combined with being very bloated (ick, sometimes being a woman totally sucks), would mean a kilo gain at this weigh in. I’m very pleased to report that while I am still bloated, I’ve weighed in late this afternoon at 104.0 kg! Only 400 g up from Monday’s weigh in last week. Better still, I feel rejuvenated and ready to knuckle down again on the healthy eating… as much as we can with no stove (STILL. I KNOW.)

My Statistics

Last Week’s Weigh In (Meeting): 103.6 kg
This Week’s Weigh In (At Home): 104.0 kg
Weight Change: +400 g
Total Weight Loss To Date: 11.3 kg

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